Where are the example tilesets?


Sorry, this is is a really basic question, but I couldn’t find an answer to it. The ‘Getting Started’ section of the help file tells me to open an example tileset but doesn’t tell me where these are stored. Where can I find these on Mac? The zip file only contains the application itself, and I do not see any files related to Tiled in either my Library or Documents folders, or even in the package contents of the app.

(Satvik Ramaprasad) #2

I couldn’t find it in the package contents of the app too. However, you could find the example directory in the source code repo.

Hope this is helpful.

(Thorbjørn Lindeijer) #3

Ah, the macOS distribution used to be a .dmg file which included the Tiled.app as well as the examples folder. But to simplify things the distribution is now just a zipped up Tiled.app.

Maybe the examples should be placed inside of the Tiled.app? Or it should be made a separate download? Or the documentation could link to the examples on GitHub?