Add a background image with Tiled

Hi everyone!
I want to incorporate a background image into my map created with Tiled.

After researching solutions, I found that many people suggest using “object layers” for this purpose. I’m open to any solution as long as I can successfully integrate an image into my Tiled map.

I can place my image as a large tile on a tile layer, but my map is isometric so I prefer to avoid this approach.

Do you have any ideas or suggestions? Thank you in advance! ^^

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Did you try whether an Image Layer might do what you want?

The main downside of using an image layer, as opposed to placing a tile object, is that there is currently no way to scale the image layer in Tiled. So your image will already need to be the correct size.

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It might works, but it can be hard to find the perfect image size… Can we rescale it or smth?

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Well, I just told you, that scaling an image layer is currently not possible. If you need to scale the image, then you need to place it as a tile object. It’s not so hard though:

  • Create a new tileset, choosing “Image Collection”.
  • Click the + button (Add Tile(s)) on the tool bar and choose your image file.
  • Switch back to your map.
  • Add an Object Layer if necessary.
  • Select the “Insert Tile” tool, click the image you’ve added to your tileset, and then click on the map to place it.
  • You can now move and scale the image as desired.

It’s not so hard though:
<many steps, involving creating a new Tileset>

And this is where I post a reminder that there’s a long-standing issue open to add a scale factor to Image Layers :] Scale factor for Image Layer · Issue #1306 · mapeditor/tiled · GitHub

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