Keyboard key to drop a background tile on Image Layer


  • to put a tile on the tile layer, i just click on the tileset and clik on the map, it is direct.
  • to put a tile on the object layer, i have to press on T key before droping the first object.

About the image layer, which with i want to make my background,i dont know which key to press for droping a background tile before click.

Image Layers do not use tiles at all, you set their image in the Layer Properties.

If you want to use a Tile as a background, you should use either a regular tile Layer, or an Object Layer with a Tile Object.

hello Eishiya,
i am writting a top down Shoot’em up, i have 5 big stacked photos ( 5 jpeg files).
I can use gimp to merge them in one very big photo.
I dont know how to make it move from the right side (tileset_view) to the main window.

I think i have to press a key ( same way like T for the object layer).

can you give more detailed answer ?

Image Layers do not use Tiles at all. You cannot use a tile from a Tileset in an Image Layer, there is no button you can press to put Tiles on an Image Layer. If you click the Image Layer and view its properties, there’s an Image property there. You can select an image to use there.

If you want to use a Tile as your background image, do not use an Image Layer, use a Tile or Object layer instead.

I dont want object layer, i want an image layer.
But the documentation is weak about that : 6 lines, no youtube related explaination, sparse talk on forum.
There is a field called image at bottom left after selecting the image layer.
When i click on the litte grey rectangle, i have a white space to fill, i guess it is the path for the jpeg. But if the field is an absolute path, i can not share the game.

Edit : after click on the image property, there is a little button … , click on …

thank you for your help Eishiya

The path will be relative when the file is saved, so long as the map and image are on the same drive. If you keep both files within your project folder, you should have no trouble sharing it.