Am I misunderstanding Terrain Brush?

I want to make two terrain brushes from the same 18 tiles. One to do grass inside dirt, and the other to do dirt inside grass. The tool does not seem to handle competing terrain regions properly. Two questions:

  1. Why are terrain regions shared between terrain types?
  2. How do I get the effect I am going for? Do I have to duplicate tiles to make sure there are no competing terrain regions?

Setting up the first terrain -
Works as expected -
Adding in the new terrain on the same tiles -
Original terrain is now a plus sign -
New terrain is a plus sign -

The reason for this is two-fold:

  1. You’ve neglected to mark your horizontal and vertical transition tiles with both terrains.
  2. You’re trying to draw grass/dirt on an empty field, so the terrain engine is trying to find tiles that transition from your terrain to [empty], and the only transitions it can find are the ones where you didn’t mark the other terrain and left it empty.

You should finish marking the tiles with both terrains, and then Tiled should behave as you expect. If it doesn’t, then bucket-filling the layer with grass or dirt and then drawing the other terrain on top of that will work.

The official terrain brush tutorial has a total of 12 tiles for each terrain. I did not neglect them :slight_smile:

My tileset is in a bit of a bad state at the moment, so I can’t test the other suggestion you have (but I will do that when I have a chance and report back).

You misunderstood my post. You have the tiles you need, but you didn’t finish marking them. Your side tiles are marked with one terrain each, instead of being marked with both grass and dirt.

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