Trouble with maring terrains

I have run into an issue I can’t solve. I’m hoping someone here can help.

I’m trying to mark my terrains. It seems so simple. And when I do it the way the Docs tell me to use, I can’t add more than one or two terrains into each terrain set.

For instance. I followed instructions in the docs on this one.

After adding a third terrain, the first two just stopped working. But they are all marked in the exact same manner. Here is a screenshot:

Now I found a work around that does seem to “kind of” work. If I put only one terrain in each terrain set then they all seem to work, but that is NOT how the docs say to do it and it is NOT how any of the tuts I’ve read/watched say to do it. I just know it’s going to mess something up later … or is it?
Here’s a screenshot of that method:

Does anyone have any idea what it is I’m doing wrong? Do you think it’s a software bug? Any help anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated. This is the first time I’ve used this software and it looks like its going to save a TON of time doing it this way and I’m so busy at work right now that I NEED to get this art done in record time!

TIA :slight_smile:

It seems like the main issue with the markings in the first screenshot, is that there are too many different terrains.

When the tileset has transition tiles between “dark grasss” and “light grass”, and also transition tiles between “dark grass” and “black dirt”, then your terrain set has 3 terrains and not 4, and the same color should be used to mark all the “dark grass” corners.

In the screenshot, it seems “dark grass” is marked with red for the transition to “light grass”, and with blue for the transition to “black dirt”. Hence, the terrain brush will consider them different and fails because it doesn’t find any transition tiles between the red and the blue terrains.

Another thing I’ll note, since I noticed your tileset is embedded in the map, is that you’ll likely want to make an external tileset instead (it can be exported using the “Export Tileset As” button below the Tilesets view when editing your map - and for future tilesets, keep “Embed in map” unchecked when creating a new tileset). This way the tileset, and the terrain sets stored along with it, can be easily used on multiple maps.

Thanks for your reply. Makes sense. I’m going to try your ideas later this evening!

I tried this and it worked! I can’t thank you enough :white_heart:. I fought with this all weekend long!!

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