Anchor of Flipping and Rotation


I’m using TILED Usful… thx a lot.

but I checked weird issue for me

it’s about Flipping and Rotation.

When i rotate IMAGE( IMAGE is Object mading by jpg or png), it rotate by anchor(0, 1.0)(left down position)

but when i flip IMAGE and then is flip by anchor(0.5, 0.5)

so i got wrong position in my tool when i use both rotate and pivot

i can’t control…

can i check or change anchor point for flipping?

thx a lot

The flipping flags just apply to the texture, not the object. As such it would not make much sense to have a controllable anchor point.

thx for answer…

i’m using pixi.js.

pixi.js only can flip by scale like (spr.scale.x = -1);

normally i will set like this.

spr.anchor.set(0.5, 0.5)
spr.scale.x = -1

and then it’s perfectly good? but another problem happened like rotate or position

because pixi.js’s coordinates system.

coordinates system is changed to center base.

but tiled given us always left-down position.

i know what you say.T-T. WHY this problems happed for me…

so could you gave me answer to resolve this problems?

or cound you have plan to add functions , different coordinate system for another middlewear?

thx a lot always

I am definitely considering to add an option to change the object origin, but I can’t say whether it would be something I’d get around to in the near future.

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