Is there a way to set tiles pivot point to center?

Hello, I recently started using Tiled2Unity, which is great, but I have a problem. Not sure if I’m doing something wrong or if it lacks that feature, but I really need to be able to set the maps’ tiles pivot point to center, here’s why:

(Take into account that the brown part below the wall is not part of it is in another layer, and is meant to always be rendered below actors and walls)

The tiles pivot point seems to be set to its bottom, making it impossible to make depth look right (as I have done before in another engine/tilemap implementation):

Any help will be appreciated and thanks in advance! (:

It’s not impossible but it may take playing around some. Isometric is notoriously difficult to get just right. What are you using for Interact With layer and Tileset Height values on the Sprite Depth In Map component?

When offsets need to be modified a bit I generally do one of two things:

  • Set my sprite anchor to the be at the bottom
  • Use the object hierarchy. In other words, make a parent object that is responsible for setting global position and depth (this is where Sprite Depth In Map component goes). Make your sprite a child of that, with a Position Y value that is difference between your sprite middle and sprite feet.

Tiled allows us to have tiles that are larger than the size set by the map so we need to have a consistent root/anchor of each tile. For better or worse, Tiled chooses the bottom-left corner of each tile as the anchor and Tiled2Unity follows that convention. Hope that helps.

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