Animating tiles?

okay i made the map. now how can i animate the tiles. i have a bench and want my character to sit.

Note that Tiled currently only supports single linear endlessly looping tile animations. It is not possible to define custom animations like for a character sitting down on a bench, unless you annotate that with custom properties and take this additional information into account in your game and/or its engine.

Defining the tile animation is relatively straight-forward:

  1. Select the tile you want to animate in the main Tiled window.
  2. Open the Tile Animation Editor in the View menu.
  3. Select tiles in the animation editor window and drag them over to the list on the left, to add them to the animation. You can also drag frames around within the list to change their order and you can set their delay in milliseconds. In the corner is an animation preview to see if you’re getting it right.
  4. Go back to step 1 for animating another tile. If you leave the animation editor open you can skip step 2.

So, I’ve selected the tile in the main window and opened the Tile Animation Editor, but when I try to drag the tiles into the left list, they don’t go. I can’t seem to figure out what I’ve done wrong. I’ve tried both tile layers and object layers. I’ve tried selecting a tile in the main map window and in the tileset window. Nothing seems to be working. I’m on a Mac if that makes a difference.

@Eloth First of all, thanks for digging down the right topic! Unfortunately, my previous post missed one important limitation of editing tilesets in general, which is that they can’t be external tilesets. Could it be that you’re trying to modify an external tileset?

The UI could give better feedback in this case, but rather than adding this my plan has always been to lift this limitation instead. In the development snapshots, this has already been done, so I can finally stop explaining this once Tiled 1.0 is out.

In the meantime, either install a snapshot build (my preferred option, since you may be able to provide some feedback) or temporarily “import” the tileset so that you can edit it, and then re-export it afterwards.

How to open the editor on version 1.0.3 in tiled???

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