Animation file formats

Hello tiled community! I recently discovered this piece of software, and i would like to share some feedback!

Right now you have to use the internal tile animation editor, which many people might be uncomfortable with, and would like to use their own software. For example, you should be able to import: GIF (While the format is largely outdated, its still widely used), sprite sheets, Pixly’s/Aseprite’s .anim (I recently discovered it, and it seems very nice. It uses a spritesheet and some XML for frames)

Btw, both the editor and the TMX format are awesome, and really well designed!
Good luck with development, -Danik32

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What i would like to add to previously said and suggest about animation in Tiled – is the simple ability (checkbox or button) to hide from view already used frames and see only animated sprites. It is just very hard to select animated objects from tilest when there are many of them in one tilest (especially when you can’t reorder their position in tilest). And i think it is very rare thing when you actually need to place one of the static frames from the animated objects. So why to see and navigate through all of them all the time?

Yes, we can just not use many animated objects in one tilest and make individual tilests for every animated objects. But current interface of tiled is not very good to work with tons of tilests. Interface is good when there are few of them but if it’s real game with lots of objects, terrains and so on - the more you add, the more it becomes difficult to navigate through lots of tilesets and terrains.

Manual reordering of objects in “collections of images tilests” would also be nice.

And sorry for my english.