Tile Animation Editor Improvements

Hello, big fan of Tiled here, and supporter for several years. Thanks for all your hard work on this.

I use Tile Animation Editor a lot… often with very long animation sequences, and sometimes spanning multiple tiles.
I have a few suggestions for this tool:

  • Show the tile ID in the sequence list.
    Currently, it shows the tile graphic, and the millisecond delay for that tile. But it would very useful to see the tile ID as well. I sometimes have long, non-linear animations, with very subtle changes between tiles, and coupled with the small size of the tile graphic, it can be nearly impossible to make sure the animation sequence is exactly as intended. This issue is compounded when an animation spans multiple tiles (in size), and I need to match up the animation across those multiple tiles precisely.

  • Allow copy & paste for tile animation frames and sequences of tile animation frames.
    Sometimes I have long animations where a certain sequence is looped several times before something else happens. Being able to copy and paste those sequences would be nice.

  • Allow zooming in on the animated tiles.
    You can ctrl+(Mouse wheel) to zoom in on the tile sheet, which causes the preview to zoom in (which is nice), but you can’t do the same for the tile animation sequence.

  • Provide some way to easily set a multi-tile animation all at once.
    For example, let’s say I have an animation of 2x2 tile size, with several animation “frames”. And let’s also assume that on my tile sheet, I have the animation sequence laid out such that the 2x2 cluster is always oriented in the same manner. It would be extremely useful to be able to select that entire cluster in the tile sheet editor, then hit the animation editor button as usual, but now be able to work with the 2x2 cluster instead of just a single tile. I know that might be difficult to do, so another idea would be to have an option to offset each tile of an existing animation sequence by a certain X,Y value to produce a new sequence for a different tile.
    Just as another example, Imagine you are trying to animate the blades of a windmill, that are 6x6 tiles large, and the whole animation sequence is 16 frames long. You have the whole animation laid out on the tile sheet. Currently, you would have to open tile animation editor for 36 individual tiles, and manually input the 16 frame sequence every time, just offset by one coordinate step. Any way to simplify that process would be a huge benefit.

thanks for hearing me out!

A script for doing this is linked from the Tiled scripts Github repo: GitHub - sergkr/tiled-bulk-animations: Extension for creating bulk animations in Tiled Map Editor
I agree it would be nice to do this without scripts though, since it’s such a common task.

Thanks a bunch, that script will be very useful for me

Hey @Rat_Butter, thank you for these suggestions and your generous support!

While indeed for editing large animations, I would also recommend the script linked by @eishiya, you’ve still made some nice suggestions for improving the basic tile animation editor. I’m currently finishing up Tiled 1.8, but I’ve decided to still add support for cut/copy/paste in this editor, both within the list of frames and from the tileset view to the list of frames:

Maybe it still helps you a bit, or somebody else. :slight_smile:

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I’ve opened the following issue for the other suggested improvements:

For the last point, about multi-tile animations, I think the bulk animations extension does a good job. Though eventually it might indeed be nice to support this natively, we could also instead consider ways to improve the scripting API, to be able to make the extension more convenient to use (reducing amount of input prompts, for example).

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