Apply tile probability to fill tool

As far as I have understood the tile probability is only applied to the terrain tool. Could it be made applicable to the fill tool, too?

I am currently trying to make a space background. I have 6 space tiles, one being pure black.
I think I have to fill my entire map randomly with the fill tool, having selected all 6 tiles. I want the black tile to be applied much more often than the other 5 (that have stars drawed on them).
Or can this be achieved by using the terrain tool (I tried with no luck)?

Yeah, it’s something I already wanted to do for Tiled 0.12, but in the end I couldn’t find the time for it and wanted to get that release out. For Tiled 0.13, I’ll definitely make the tile probability also used in the “random mode”, which applies to both the stamp brush and the fill tool.

There is no way to fill with the terrain tool, but there is a workaround for achieving what you want. You can draw a patch of space background and include each of your stars tiles once in that patch, or in the frequency you’re looking for. Then, you capture this area using right-click drag. If you now paint or fill with random mode enabled, it will pick the space background much more often.

This is because it picks a random tile from the brush, so if a tile occurs more often on the brush it will occur more while painting.

that’s great news!!!
thanks for describing the workaround, works perfectly!!!

In the meantime, Tiled 0.13 is out and includes this feature.  :-)