Are old versions of TILED available?

I’m using the DUSK Tiled Editor for Corona SDK where I have used TILED to create maps.
The version of TILED I was using all the time is Version v0.10.2-52-g915fd32
I now have the problem DUSK is not developed any further but TILED has, so it is not compatible to DUSK anymore.
Is there a link to a downloadable version of tiled Version v0.10.2-52-g915fd32 anywhere?

In what way is it no longer compatible?

Likely not that exact version, but it appears to be somewhere in between Tiled 0.10.2 and Tiled 0.11, so either of these will probably work (though, again, please let me know why the latest version isn’t working for you).

Thanks for your fast answer.
Because DUSK seems to not be developed any further I now am reading the TILED .json with my own code.
The error is happening in a function inside DUSK because of the changes to the .json files in the new TILED compared to the old exported TILED .json files.

Ah, you’re probably affected by the JSON format changes in Tiled 1.2.0. Then you can either use Tiled 1.1.6 or upgrade to Tiled 1.2.2 (current latest) and enable the new “json1” plugin, which still writes the old format.

Thank you very much for this info! Much appreciated and very helpful!
Keep up the great work!