Are 'Stacked' Isometric maps supported?

Are ‘Stacked’ isometric maps supported? I can set everything up to do a single layer of tiles - at a height of zero so-to-speak - but can’t manage to place subsequent tiles above them to form a stack.

This is for an old-style isometric game, where, for example, I’d like to stack a gem on a barrel on a table, at positions (0, 0, 3), (0, 0, 2) and (0, 0, 1) respectively.

I was hoping an additional tile layer would do this, but apparently not?

Not yet. There is work in progress to support this at the following pull request, though it’s not been progressing lately:

Thanks for the information. It looks as if the feature could still be some way off being completed though, so I’ll continue editing the maps by hand for now.