Are there any specific graphics needed for Tiled's development?

I’m an artist learning more and more about constructing tilesets through the use of Tiled. I see there is continued progress and growth for the program. Are there any specific graphic needs that I could pitch in to help in this growth?


Tiled itself is relatively independent from specific graphics. It is “only” a program which allows you to put together graphics basically. So Tiled itself only requires a few icons for the toolbar basically :smile:

However there is an open source art community at for example :smile:
Or look for open source games which use tiled and see what you can contribute there.

However thanks for your interest :wink:


Thanks for the reply. I appreciate the information. I had thought maybe there would be development releases that would highlight new functionality, and something I could do would create a bit of assets to highlight the new function. This way perhaps Tiled might build a set of assets geared specifically for the application, uniquely highlighting it’s functions.

Thanks for the information again, and feel free to drop me a message if such need arises! :smile:

Well, in fact demonstrating the new features is what I’ve been notoriously bad at with each Tiled release. Any help with improving that situation would be really appreciated.

For example, so far there are no examples shipping with Tiled demonstrating:

  • the use of object layers (neither for annotations nor for visual purposes)
  • the support for animated tiles
  • the support for tilesets that are a collection of individual images
  • the image layer

Of course, the graphics for such examples could be taken either from or drawn by yourself. Maybe you could show some examples of your work?

And apart from that, if you’re interested I’m looking for help with:

  • a consistent set of icons with at least double the resolution of the current ones used currently and that also works on a dark skin
  • a more modern UI design / theme that I could implement

So really your offer is very appreciated! Let me know what exactly you’re interested in to help out with.

Thanks for the reply, Bjorn.

I’ve given a brief introduction of myself and links to my site in my profile, Instead of cluttering things here, I will encourage you to refer there for addition information about myself. I really do enjoy the forums profile section, well done!

I am very interested in tackling demonstrations that highlight Tiled’s functions. I believe that creating a scene in Tiled that includes original assets catering to the objectives similar to those you’ve outlined in conjunction with a series of demonstration videos could be a great fit.

I can envision perhaps constructing a scene that utilizes (for example) Object layers, Animated Tiles, Composite Tile sets, and the Image Layer. Then I might record a series of short video clips that demonstrate how-to style steps executing functions, possibly concluding with commentary on artistic choices designed to highlight and inspire use of the function.

In terms of the design work I do believe I could be of help. I’ve done a good deal of icon and design work in website and streaming overlay assets. For the game project I’m currently involved in we’ve developed our own engine and editors, so I have some additional experience in optimising user interface.

Quick Links:
My Blog Site
Mecromage Game Project

I’ll PM you a list of some of my work that might be of interest to you.

I think your work looks awesome and I’d very much welcome your contribution of examples or even short demonstration videos!

How would you like to get started? Do you need any more guidance or would you be happy to just work on an example which could then ship with Tiled and used for demonstration purposes?

Style-wise, I think your work is very nice but maybe a little too dark as example. I’d prefer something brighter and happier looking. Would do you think?

Thanks, sounds awesome! Perhaps the best thing would be to trade Skypes? Maybe we could outline a scene with a list of demonstration bullets and I can try to design the scene around that. I’d then come up with some assets and send them your way to make sure the style aligns with the vision you’d like for Tiled. Brighter and Happier sounds fun, and in line with the feeling I get using the editor :smiley: