Games using Tiled section

Hi Bjorn!

Since there are quite a few people/teams using Tiled when making maps for their games it would be cool to see what other people are up to.
Perhaps there could be a section with links, little promo image and some text about the games and how they use Tiled, tips, workarounds etc.

Not only would this open up for people to get to see more cool project but also show how widespread Tiled is.
Could also help with your marketing, have people use your logo on their page/credit list :slight_smile:

Yeah, totally agree, but website work is always getting pushed back due to other things. It’s a wonder I eventually got around to having the blog online again…

In any case there are already two “games using Tiled” lists that could be used for the initial setup of such a list on the website:

Offering some easy to use Tiled logo images would also be a good idea of course!

Looking forward to see what you come up with!