Auto assign/group tiles to layer

Probably not many are going to want this feature, but here goes:

I suggest adding an optional “layer” property that will automatically place set tile to set named layer(ie layer: floors), to the
tile default properties(ID, Width, Height, Probabilty), so misplacing tiles on the wrong layer will be a thing of the past.

What do you guys think?

I can think of 2 ways of doing it.
1 way would be to have seperate tilesheets for things like ground, walls, background etc. that matched up with the layernames.
(That way Tiled could know which tiles were which)

This would however require much switching between the tilesets and end up being as much work as swapping between layers.

The second idea would be to have some kind of preping function for the tileset itself where you could asign properties based on location.

A tip is to turn layers on and off to see if tiles have ended up in the wrong place, but I guess that is what everybody allready does.

Yeah, the game I’m making is going to have a lot of player contributed maps and I generally don’t want the players to memorize which tile goes on which of the 8 layers there are.

Currently the tiles are grouped via association to make finding alike tiles easy to find, ie ( tree, tree branches) opposed to grouping via which layer they’re supposed to be set on.

I might have to end up splitting them into tilesheets named after the layernames for less confusion on layer placement
unless the assigning “layer id” that matches layername properties gets implemented

If I remember correctly, I believe some versions of RPG Maker have a tool to define the preferred render order of tiles in a tileset. Perhaps something similar could be done where a layeroffset element is defined per tile that tells drawing tools to place the the tile data however many layers above or below the current active layer - the main issue being knowing which layer a tile is on if you wish to erase it, and if the layer a tile is meant to be drawn to is not visible or is locked.