Any way to tag tiles?

Is there any way to tag or name certain tiles? I have my map layer and then I have NPC’s on another layer on top. It would be great to be able to tag a tile with a name, so that I could read that in my game. Right now I have to check each NPC XY coordinate manually.

You can add custom properties to tiles (using the Properties view after selecting them in the tileset view), or you can add an object layer and then add objects that tell you where which NPC is located.

Adding properties to a tile will add that property to all of the same tile, wouldn’t it? That is not what I want.
The object layer thing seems like more trouble than I am going to now, and it is messy.

There’s no way to add custom properties to a single tile?

The object layer was meant for this kind of annotations. Why do you consider it messy?

Maybe I just don’t understand how to use object layers. It seemed like objects were not constrained to the same grid as the tiles, so if I just wanted an object to correspond to one tile, it would be hard to make them match exactly. It would just look messy. Then wouldn’t I have to do extra work to correlate the objects on the object layer with the tiles underneath?

The solution for this is to enable View → Snap to Grid. To match the objects to their tile coordinates you’d just need to divide their position and size by the tile size.