Automapping, possible to use output layer from rule to another rule?


So I’ve started using automapping, cool stuff, and I have a simple one working.
For example I have a logic layer and with a rule it creates a walls and ground layer (the outputs).
What I was trying to do now was to add a second rule file on rules.txt where I could use
walls/ground as input_walls in that new rule file but I can’t see to make that work, is this possible?
If on the second rule file I use the existing logic one it works, but not if I use the ones created as output in previous rule. Tried with both “DeleteTiles” true and false.

This should definitely just work. Check out the sewer_automap example shipping with Tiled that does exactly that for its final rules. rule_001.tmx till rule_007.tmx all use the “set” layer as their input, but rule_008.tmx and rule_009.tmx use the “Over” and “Ground” layers that were added by previous rule maps as their input.