Automapping tile question

So automapping. First, I have gotten it to work, but only sometimes, let me explain.

I have some overlapping mountains so I created an Automap rule that has it look for the top of the overlapping mountains and then map just the single peak version (not overlapping) to each.

Like I said, I’ve gotten this to work, but only whenever I use the reference of input_ground / output_ground.
I want to make a layer that is just the mountains. I created it and called it mount but now my rule just… it doesn’t work at all. Clearly there’s some sort of naming issue or something, I just have absolutely no clue why I can get it to work on the ground layer but now the mountain layer.

Any answers?

Do you have your rules published anywhere or could you may provide a small example of your setup? It would make it easier to reproduce the problem and to try to find a solution.

Sure I can take a few pictures and link them I think. Gimme a few minutes

Okay, this first image is where my rules work with the ground layer…

now when I change the ground to mountain it doesn’t work. same rules and everything.

Okay I did a bit of experimenting and I’ve further narrowed down the reason why it’s not working. So it works when I fill the entire map up with grass and then do the mountain thing (which destroys the grass that was there.

Still have no idea why it’s not working with the blank maps…

Upon further further inspection I’ve found that the output tile seem to requires a tile to overwrite, it doesn’t seem as if it can be drawn on the layer with no tiles. I’ve found a way around this by just flooding the layer with transparent tiles. So now it works fine and has the exact same visuals.