Automatically export upon saving?

I’m creating very large maps for my action rpg game (not like that matters), but I am sick and tired of having to export to .json and then click yes (to overwrite) the older file.

Is it possible to just have tiled export to the .json file upon hitting CTRL+S? If you do CTRL+SHIFT+E it’s still the same, you have to click on two more windows, it’s just a very annoying process :frowning:

Thank you!

Sorry, it’s CTRL+E. Might be the dumbest post you’ve seen all year, my bad lol. Can close this if u want :frowning:

No problem! In fact Tiled did not offer the separate “Export” action until version 0.11 released one year ago.

Did you know that Tiled can also load the JSON format? The JSON format is a fully supported alternative to the TMX format, so you may not need to use the export functionality at all.

An automatic export upon saving may still be interesting, but maybe it’s better to let users do things like that by providing a scripting API, which is something I would like to work on after 1.0 is out.

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Yeah, good idea! I could just load the json file then and keep CTRL+E out of my small dumb head :). Good idea! I just thought of a very good suggestion while working on my game w/ Phaser and tiled, I’ll make a new topic.