Tmx to json converter online?

I wanted to ask, if I use an online tmx to json converter will it work?

I know it’s off topic but, I don’t have a PC so I am using a script(php) to generate tile map, but the problem is it generates only a tmx file and phaser doesn’t seem to support it…

so I there any way, like a online converter or so?

Thanks very much

There is no online converter as far as I am aware, but Tiled does ship with built-in conversion capabilities on the command-line using the --export-map option:

tiled --export-map [format] <source file> <target file>

The format is optional (it will be derived from the file extension of the target file if possible). In your case this command should work:

tiled --export-map map.tmx map.json

Thanks but the problem is.
I dont have tiled, i made the map using a mobile editor, it exports only tmx files and phaser dont support it

Ah, I somehow read past the part where you said “I don’t have a PC”. I’m sorry but at the moment I don’t know of a ready made converter that can be used without a PC.

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Haha no problem. thanks anyways
Looks like im gonna make games :slight_smile:

Feel free to PM me a TMX (or some) to convert once in a while - not too often please :wink: - until then.

I’m currently also not at my laptop though. :slight_smile:

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Ok thank you so much,
I can start making maps now, you’re a life saver :slightly_smiling_face:

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