Bizarre corruption in displaying numbers in version 1.2.1

After updating from 1.1.6 to 1.2.1 my old Tiled maps seemed corrupted in a very strange way. Object layers containing text displayed numbers all wrong, replacing unique numbers with some generic ones. Object layers that contain only text (not numbers), showed just fine. I uninstalled 1.2.1 and reinstalled 1.1.6, and the numbers are fine. So the problem appears to be with the new version of the Tiled app and not with the map files themselves.

I’m using Tiled on macOS 10.13.6.

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I cannot reproduce the bug you describe, do you have screenshots?
Also could you please provide us with a map that has the bug, thanks.

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As a new forum user, it appears I can’t attach any files… Please see these screenshots:



and download the map file at

The first screenshot is from version 1.1.6 and intact, the other is from version 1.2.1 and corrupted. Notice the numbers in different colors. Every colored text is in its own layer. For some reason the green numbers and turquoise texts are OK, as well as all letters in general, but blue, red and violet numbers are corrupt.

To me it looks like a font size rendering issue, in one screenshot the font size of red, blue and purple text is bigger, therefore these texts have some of their last characters not rendered because the text object is too small.

According to your map file, only the following objectgroup contains texts having a set pixelsize (size of the text) (pixelsize="12") :

<objectgroup color="#408002" name="Henkilöt">

As this objectgroup holds all the text objects starting with letter ‘c’ that seem to have kept their size, then maybe the default size in Tiled has changed from 12px to something bigger?

Only @bjorn can answer to that question.

As a workaround, you could set the pixelsize of all your text elements to 12px, sorry for the embarrassment.

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Ah, yes. I can see it now. The font size is smaller for green text, I should have at least realized that. Something in the font size has changed indeed between the Tiled versions. Thanks!

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