Tiled 0.10.2 released

It’s already been a few days since the release, but I think it makes sense to announce it also on this forum. I will place such announcements in the “Release” category, so that those who want to be notified about new releases can watch that category for new posts.

So, Tiled 0.10.2 was a small bugfix release with the following changes:

  • Fixed hit area for polygon nodes when editing polygons while zoomed in or out (#769, #805)
  • Fixed another possible crash in the orthogonal renderer
  • Fixed Select All action to work for object layers
  • Fixed map pixel size preview for staggered maps
  • Fixed repainting issues when tiles extend beyond their layer boundaries
  • Fixed repainting issues when using tiles smaller than the grid size
  • Display errors non-modal when applying automatic automapping rules
  • Flare plugin: Fixed coordinate format for import and export (by Justin Jacobs) (#771)
  • Lua plugin: Write out Image layer position (#761)
  • Small updates to the Italian translation (by Omnomnobot) (#804)

I will make another 0.10.x release if more useful changes like the above accumulate.