Broken link on download page

The link to the daily OS X build is broken and ends in a 404 since KoboldKit was retired.

Oops, thanks for letting us know!

@TilemapKit, is the FTP still available, possibly under a new URL?

Oh, I’m sorry that’s my bad, didn’t think of the daily builds when i installed the redirect.
I’ll move the link over to, will send you an update by email.

Okay, no biggie. FTP login should still work, I just changed it to point to the new folder.

I moved the latest daily build over:

@bjorn You just need to update the link on the download button (and in the upload script) to point to instead of

Please also make sure the file listing works, since I don’t link directly to individual files from the website. currently gives me:

You don’t have permission to access /tiled/ on this server.

Hmm, what gave you the impression that was the latest daily build? That’s ancient!

Oh, oh. I just picked the topmost item from the list. It’s been a long day and was just about to leave. :unamused:
And I’ve already deleted the original files. Aaah… :frowning:
Restoring files from backup atm.

At least file listing works again. Sorry for all the troubles.

Hehe, it’s alright. The list was reversed so that the link people are looking for is at the top. I hope others aren’t making the same mistake too often. :smile:

I’ll trigger a new build now. Thanks for the quick reconfiguration efforts!

Files restored :smile:

I think the latest item should be at the top, makes it easier to locate.

Ah, even better!

Right, so we’ll keep linking to;O=D from the Download page.