TilemapKit: complete TMX tilemap rendering framework for Sprite Kit & Cocos2D

Hellow fellow iOS & Mac, Objective-C and Swift developers!

I’ve recently released the free beta of TilemapKit, a framework that loads TMX files (all features supported) and renders all map types (ortho, iso, staggered iso, hex) and also supports each and every variation (stagger index, stagger axis). Download links below the video …

Please find the downloads for TilemapKit beta below, and please leave me any feedback either here or in the linked threads:

Download TilemapKit for Sprite Kit (beta) here
Download TilemapKit for Cocos2D (beta) here

Enjoy! :smile:

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Looks good definitely.

Looking forward to see more of it. Is that going to be open sourced at some point ? I’vs seen pricing somewhere, but/and source access at another place. maybe different licensing ?


The idea is to make this a commercial product, to sponsor the development of a game I’m working on with my colleague.

I’m playing with the idea of having a free or trial version, albeit non-source and probably somehow limited if only through licensing restrictions (ie only for truly free apps). The source version will definitely have a paid license.

I’ve also been looking into Patreon, though I’m a little wary of the unclear situation regarding VAT. But if they get that figured out, I’d love to set it up so that eventually reaching a given price point would allow me to make more and more of TK available for free while leaving some features exclusive to Patrons.

For reference: At this point Patreon essentially has its VAT-collecting (for-profit, not VAT exempt) EU customers like me (but not Bjørn) inadvertently commit tax fraud because they don’t even give you enough information to collect the VAT yourself - not to mention how time consuming and costly that would be. But once they get this sorted out, I’ll start uhm … patreonizing. :smiley:

Ok I see, Thanks for the answer.

About Patreon… hum good to know this trick. Bjørn made me discover this site to be honest.
I know KickStarter just started in France this week. So eventually those sort of website will slowly become available in Europe :smile:

TilemapKit is now available for purchase!

More info: http://tilemapkit.com/2015/09/tilemapkit-now-available-for-purchase/

Buy it here: http://tilemapkit.com/store

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Congratulations on the release and good luck with the sales!

Unfortunately, I think I’ll need to wait for the C++ port (I voted now) to try it out since trying to use ObjC would be very time-consuming for me.

Yeah, given the response I’m sure there are a lot more interested in the C++ version. I’ll try my best to release it asap. :slight_smile:

Hey the downloads are unavailable, I am a 15 yr/old iOS developer and would really love to use this framework.