Bug Report: Daily Build: Tab when editing Properties closes one or more views/panes

I suspect this is a bug, but if not, apologies?

  1. Using the daily build from May 9 - 0.18.1919
  2. Open a map and make sure you have various views and tool bars enabled (terrains, properties, etc)
  3. Add an object - for example a poly line.
  4. Select the object
  5. Click one of its properties to edit it, for example the Name.
  6. Press Tab

Expected: Switch to the next Tab stop, in this case "Type"
Observed: You either switch to a new view pane, or all panes are closed requiring you to View->Views and Toolbars to re-enable them all, which is annoying at best :slight_smile:


I can’t see the first behavior, but I can definitely reproduce the second behavior, which is somewhat of a regression. You’re actually triggering the new View -> Clear View action, which has Tab as its shortcut (it’s a common shortcut also seen in GIMP and Photoshop, hence Tab was chosen). Fortunately, to get your views back you actually just need to press Tab again.

I’ll try to make sure that Tab still just shifts focus when you’re editing some property.

Well that’s a behavior I wasn’t aware of in PS! Should have mentioned this is Kinda minor - not to often you need to tab in properties and since you can bring the view back (thanks didn’t know) this is low priority.

Yeah, it’s probably a minor issue but since for your use-case it was a regression I implemented the following fix: