How to display TileSet Properties in Tiled 1.0?

I use Custom Properties a lot to define specific info about individual Tiles. In Tiled 0.18, the Tileset Properties were always displayed in the Property area, which I placed directly under the Tileset itself, for convenience. An example:

Very easy: I just click on any tile, and I instantly see an update in the Properties window, informing me what Custom Properties are tied to that tile.

How do I get this same view in Tiled 1.0? I am missing the trick for this. When I create a similar view now that I am in Tiled 1.0, I see this:

All I seem to be able to view in this Properties window now is the Map or Layer properties… not the Tileset’s. Am I missing a setting? How to I get the Tileset properties to be viewed here?

Yes, I see I can click on the “Edit Tileset” button, and it opens a whole new tab that allows me to view and change the Tileset Properties. But how do I simply VIEW them in the main interface, like illustrated in the 0.18 example?

In Tiled 1.0.1 there is unfortunately is no way to do this. I thought it would be confusing to show those properties in read-only mode, but I will look into adding this in Tiled 1.0.2. I’m even considering to allow editing of tile properties again and handling undo/redo based on where the focus is, but that is probably something for Tiled 1.1.

Thanks, Bjorn.
It would be wonderful if you added back the ability to at least view the Custom properties in read-only mode via the old Properties window! It is quite inefficient to have to flip back and forth to the separate “edit properties” tab just to see them. And when - as in many of our Tilesets - it is important for the map-maker to clearly identify one Tile vs. another if they are similar, those Custom Properties become very important to be easily viewed.

@bjorn and @Remusforte, I’d like to chime in and agree with John about custom properties reflected in the ‘original’ properties panel simply due to the ease in which we can input properties and inspect them.


The properties of tiles and terrains will now be visible again in read-only form:

This change is part of the Tiled 1.0.2 release that I’m making right now.

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