Can Automapping be used to delete tiles?

I am new to automapping so please forgive me if I am misunderstanding how this works. I have created a rules TMX file with the following layers:




For the last image I made the input_GameplayLayer and regions invisible. Notice that there is no tile above the Empty MatchType. I am using Tiled 1.9.

My RulesMap.tmx has the DeleteTiles property set to true:

If I reference this rules map in another map, I am able to paint my red brick tile and it produces the block as expected:

24_17 45 09

However if I delete the bricks, the block tiles that were previously added are not removed. I expect that this should happen because I have set up a rule where empty blocks do not have any tiles using the Empty AutoMap Rules tileset. Why is Tiled not picking up on this? Is this not intended behavior?

24_17 47 28

Thanks to @eishiya for answering this in Discord - the problem is that my output tile was blank. To solve this, my output tile needs to have a Tile with the MatchType Empty. I painted this tile on my output as shown here:


This worked!

Now if I erase a tile in the GameplayLayer, tiles are also erased on the output:

24_18 06 18