Can I change the ID order for the tiles in a tileset image?

Hi all.

I know this is a random question, but I have some old map data from an old game I worked on, but the tileset atlas is number from 0,1,2 and so on…now, I know that the first tile in an atlas in Tiled is tile number ‘1’ but is there a way to set it to 0 so everything in the map shifts back along 1?
This is the map image of the data that I have so far, I can see the layout of the map but it’s garbled. I am not able to change the way the old map editor spits out the data I am afraid.

Tiled numbers tiles from 0, not 1. You’re probably thinking of TMX and other file formats that use global IDs, which add numbers to the tile IDs to allow differentiating tiles from different tilesets within a single map.

If these garbled results are in Tiled and not just in your game, then your importer for your old data is probably wrong and needs adjusting. If the map looks fine in Tiled but wrong in your game, then you either need to adjust your export code (if you’re using a custom map format in Tiled), or your Tiled map import code in your game.

Hi @eishiya,

Could Tiled allow us to change the ID on our own?

The tile ID is a major problem and a source of glitches when we can’t match the TileIDs in the source code.

Thank you very much.

Not without writing your own custom export format.

You shouldn’t need to go that far, though. Implement your parser according to the documentation, and you should have no trouble converting from Tiled’s global IDs to whatever system you use in your game.