Assigning tile IDs

Hi there,
I’m using tiled 2d as editor for sidescroller racing game. But I came across the error that depending from the imported tile sets the IDs changes. For example I have a project/track where block one is with ID 1, in another project/track, it’s ID is 20 because I imported it in different order. So my question is:
Is it possible to manually edit the ID of a tile so that I can be sure it’s allways the same ID for each tile no matter the import order?
Thank you in advance! :slightly_smiling:

I think the best would be to simply attach the id which your engine expects as a tile property and then handle the conversion in your engine.


Right, it sounds like you’re using the global tile IDs to identify your tiles, which is something you should avoid because of the problems you’re experiencing. You need to start by mapping this global tile ID to a tileset, then subtracting its “firstgid” to get the local tile ID. You can then either use that directly or set a tile property like @Ablu suggested to recognize your tiles or identify certain aspects of them.