Can I export maps with embedded tilesets from the command line?

I’m trying to automate the exporting of maps with embedded tilesets to JSON, but the line tiled --export-maps json map_in.tmx map_out.json always creates a JSON file that uses references to .tsx files instead of embedding the tilesets, regardless of what preferences I’ve set in the editor. Is there any way to use the command line to export JSON maps with embedded tilesets, or do I have to export via the editor to achieve that effect?

Hey @Ghostomato, welcome to the Tiled forums!

The preferences in the editor do not affect the command-line behavior. Instead, the command-line provides its own options to control the export options. See the output of tiled --help.

Unfortunately, I’m on Windows, so I can’t see the output of tiled --help. Is there anywhere else where I can find documentation for the command line options?

Hmm, I made that work at some point, so it appears it broke again. I’ll look into that, but in the meantime, here are the arguments in the code:

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