More command line help


I wish there are more information on command line help.
I used ‘tiled --export-map’, but there are no information about filepath order, and other paremeters.
I don’t even know if the parameters are missing or hidden.

Adding a little information to ‘tiled --help’ will be helpful.


If you use tiled --export-map incorrectly (e.g. with no parameters at all), it will show more help:

Export syntax is --export-map [format] <source> <target>


tiled --export-map lua "myMap.tmx" "exports/myMap.lua" --resolve-types-and-properties --detach-templates

Thank you for reply. I didn’t realize it.
But, how can I know ‘–resolve-types-and-properties’ and other options?
I couldn’t find relative information…

It’s all in tiled --help

Thank you for reply.
But all I can see is below…(Sorry, it’s written in Japanese)

And, “tiled --export-map /?” gives me only format information.

My Tiled version is 1.9.2(Windows Japanese).
Perhaps there is less information in the Japanese help?

I’m very sorry for my silly reply and my silly thread.
I can get information in “tiled --help”.

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