Can I Get One Segment's Property When Use Tiled2Unity?

I want to set a property to the selected segment , and use tiled2unity to import the map.
Is there any way to get the segment’s property in Unity?
Thanks a lot !

So the question is essentially, whether it is possible to access tile properties in Unity, when using Tiled2Unity. @Seanba should be able to answer.

may you give me some advice? @Seanba
Thank you!

Tiles in a Tile Layer are grouped together into a big piece of static geometry but if you want to get at separate tile “pieces” then you’ll want to use a Tile Object (in an Object Layer). Those objects will be exported as separate GameObjects that you can then modify (through a Custom Importer) when the map is imported into your Unity project.

BTW, I talk about Custom Importers a bit in this blog post here: