Tiled Objects and Unity

Hi, I’m new to Tiled. I use Unity and an add-on called Adventure Creator (if that’s relevant). I was successful at importing a Tiled map into Unity earlier, but before I get too crazy with it, should I be using objects in Tiled or using Unity to add polygon collides and all that jazz?


Hi there, @Mandated. What are you using to import a Tiled map into Unity?

My rule of thumb is that if a collider is part of the map then I use the Tiled as my editing tool. If you are using SuperTiled2Unity then those Tiled Objects will get turned into Unity objects as part of the import process.

Thanks Seanba, I am using your tool. Actually, I just sent you $10 donation as thanks for saving me time. If I end up finishing my project I’ll send more.