Cannot open tilesets

Can create and load a tileset. Cannot use tileset. It opens on left of page, not correct side. Have deleted and reloaded program with no change.

Can you show a screenshot of what you mean by “it opens on left of page, not correct side”? You should be able to rearrange the Tiled UI however you like, there is no “correct side”.

See attache

Hope this helps.

You’ve opened your tileset as a document, you’re in the Tileset Editor, this is where you would edit the tileset. To use the tileset, switch to a map document (e.g. that TMX file in the other tab) so that you’re in the Map Editor, and you can use the tileset in the map by selecting its tiles in the Tilesets panel in the Map Editor. If the Tilesets panel isn’t visible in the Map Editor, you can open it with View > Views and Toolbars > Tilesets.