Tileset is not loaded when making map


I think I discovered a bug.
I made a tileset and then I made a map.
The tileset is open in the map editor.
Then I have the map, but there is no window, where I can select the tiles from the open tileset, so I can’t paint anything.
Do you have to push a button or sth to display this window, or is it a bug?

Thanks for your help and I wish you a happy new year.

It sounds like the Tileset toolbar got closed somehow, or perhaps you have the Terrain or Wang Sets tab active in the general area where the Tilesets tab normally is.

Go to View -> Views & Toolbars and make sure “Tilesets” is checked. If it’s already checked, then look below where the tilesets view normally is and click the Tilesets tab there.

When Tiled doesn’t have a tileset loaded, you still get the tileset window, it just has a button for a new tileset in it instead. Since you didn’t mention anything like that, you probably just don’t have the tileset tab open at all :D

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