Cant export tiled map to unity with tiled2unity

Hello, last I made a map in tiled. But when I wanted to export the map with tiled2unity it gave me an error:
Exporting summary
Succeeded: 0
Warnings: 0
Errors: 1
Tiled map file not loaded!

and when I load in my map from tiled into tiled2unity then it gives me this:
Loading Object Type Xml file: ‘F:\omgeving2D.xml’
Error parsing Object Type Xml file: F:\omgeving2D.xml
De objectverwijzing is niet op een exemplaar van een object ingesteld.
bij Tiled2Unity.TmxObjectTypes.FromXmlFile(String xmlPath)
bij Tiled2Unity.TmxMap.LoadObjectTypeXml(String xmlPath)
Tiled Object Type count = 0
Tiled map is not loaded. Nothing to preview.

could someone help me please

It looks like you might be trying to load a TMX file as the Object Types Xml file. I suggest using SuperTiled2Unity instead which does not require an export step.

If you really want to stick with Tiled2Unity then try the following …

  1. Press the Clear Object Types button on the exporter.
  2. Select File -> Open Tiled File ... on the exporter to make sure you are loading a Tiled map file.

Note that Tiled2Unity is no longer supported and may not work against newer versions of Unity so even if you make it past the export process it sill might not work. Again, SuperTiled2Unity is the way to go here :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, I will try to import my map and hope unity will do its work