Tiled2Unity problem

Hi! So, i’ve used Tiled2Unity once or twice already, and i wanted to use it again, but i just wouldn’t work. Instead of putting the map into the prefab folder, it just put a text.xml file into the “imported” folder… I’m i doing something wrong?
Thank you for helping in advance, Don Tomas.

Hi @DonTomas, and welcome to the forums! :confetti_ball: :slightly_smiling_face:

Try SuperTiled2Unity:

Hi @DonTomas. Making the switch to SuperTiled2Unity is the preferred solution. If old Tiled2Unity isn’t working and you really, really, really want to stick with it then the first place to look for solutions is to check out any reported errors in Unity’s console window.

It is possible, however, that the current version of Unity has changed to the point that regular Tiled2Unity just can’t work with it anymore.

@Seanba Well… The problem is that there is no error! They told me “successfully imported”, but it got into a… Weird… .XML file, and not into an actual useable map.

And turns out that Super Tiled2Unity doesn’t work neither :smiley:
When i try to “import New Asset”, explorer thingy tells me " All Files (.)", but i can’t see my maps into the explorer… When i try to drag and drop it, it simply doesn’t work.

@DonTomas What is your version of Unity? You may want to try updating it, and then importing SuperTiled2Unity. I was also unable to use the latest version of SuperTiled2Unity until updating from Unity 2018.1 to the latest version of Unity 2018.3.

@jeffgamedev I updated it avout 5 hours ago, thinking the same thing, but it still doesn’t work :confused:

@DonTomas, send me your Unity project (exported as a Unity package) and I’ll take a look.