There are 2 errors when exporting the map

<<SuperTiled2Unity version: 1.10.7, Unity version: 2021.3.24f1
Could not generate asset path for ‘…/…/…/…/Desktop/EPIC RPG World Pack - Cemetery V 1.4.2/TiledMap Editor New/Tilesets/wall 1.tsx’
Missing tileset asset: …/…/…/…/Desktop/EPIC RPG World Pack - Cemetery V 1.4.2/TiledMap Editor New/Tilesets/wall 1.tsx>>

When exporting the map, 2 errors appear(What you see in the screenshot is done through Tilemap in unity)
You can somehow change the export paths that are indicated in the error?

It looks like your map is referencing files that are outside of your Assets folder. All of your assets (maps, tilesets, images, templates, etc) must be inside your Unity project.

Close Tiled, move the files into the Assets folder, then open your maps in Tiled. Tiled will not be able to find the files initially since it’s looking for them in the old location. Double-click the errors/warnings in the Issues list in Tiled, and you’ll be prompted for the files’ new locations. After you’ve relocated the files and verified that the maps look correct again, save the maps, and you should be able to import them correctly into Unity.

In the future, make sure all your files are within your Unity assets directory before you use them in Tiled, and that you save any new tilesets and maps somewhere within that directory. Not only is this required for Unity, it’s also a good idea in general to keep related files close to one another.

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Thanks your solution helped me