Can't import .tsx file to Unity

Hello there, i tried import my map to Unity with SuperTiled2Unity, i had all files: .png file, .tmx file and .tsx file, but Unity for some reason can’t import the .txs file, it shows this error instead:
SuperTiled2Unity version: 1.9.1, Unity version: 2018.4.19f1
Unknown error encountered. Please report as bug. Stack track is in the console output.
Object reference not set to an instance of an object

and .tmx file has this error:
SuperTiled2Unity version: 1.9.1, Unity version: 2018.4.19f1
This asset is dependent on other files that either cannot be found or they failed to be imported.
Note that all Tiled assets must be imported to Unity in folder locations that keep their relative paths intact.
Reimport this asset once fixes are made.
Tip: Try opening newspawn.tmx in Tiled to resolve location of missing assets.


I don’t know what to do, .tmx file in Tiled acts normally, and I have all files in same folder…
Any ideas?

This filename seems funky, maybe something’s up with it?

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