TSX file help Unity

Ok so I created a map using tiled and im using supertiled2Unity to import the map to unity. I already imported supertiled2unity in my unity game and I exported my map to the asset of my game. However, Im getting an error saying its missing a .tsx file and I have no idea where that is. Any help please?

Nvm I fixed the problem by exporting the tileset to the asset. If anyone else is having this issue for some reason. In the tilset in Tiled. Next to edit tileset, there is a export tileset which gives you the tsx file for that tileset.

New problem:
I have everything imported to unity now but Im still getting error messages such as:

SuperTiled2Unity version: 1.9.1, Unity version: 2018.4.15f1
Missing tileset asset: …/…/overworld.tsx

SuperTiled2Unity version: 1.9.1, Unity version: 2018.4.15f1
Missing texture asset: …/…/…/…/…/Downloads/gfx/gfx/Overworld.png

Im guessing its looking through a wrong path? and all I have to do is point it to the right path, but im not sure

Hi there, @Hussein_Hourani. The issue is that the Overworld.png in your Downloads directory has not been imported into Unity. All the assets your map uses must be installed into Unity and all the dependencies between your Tiled maps, tilesets, and textures, but be kept in-tact.