Can't Install Tiled

I’m trying to install, but I’m getting several error messages:

Tiled Error 1
Tiled Error 2
Tiled Error 3

I have no idea how to deal with this.

It looks like for whatever reason, it requires the “C:\Users\Lisa\Desktop\Tiled-1.7.2-win64.msi” file to be around for uninstalling your current Tiled version. So it might help to download that file from here and then try again to uninstall it, before installing the latest version.

Alternatively, there are Tiled builds without installer available:

  • Make sure you’re logged in to GitHub.
  • Go to the builds from the master branch and click on the latest successful one.
  • Scroll down to Artifacts
  • The “Tiled-win64” artifact is zip file, which you can extract anywhere and use it to run Tiled.

I downloaded the Tiled-win64 file, and I ran the .exe (Not sure if that was the right thing to do) and it still won’t run. I got this error message:

tiled error 4

Why are all of these “network errors”? Is this a network drive? Does Tiled work if you run it from a local drive?

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I have no idea why I keep getting network errors, I don’t think it’s a network drive, but I was able run it from a different partition.
Thank you!