What happens if I install two versions of Tiled?

Hello, will I have a problem if I install two different versions of Tiled in different directories?
I remember some time ago I had a problem with this but I’m not sure why it happened, so I want to ask.

If you use the installer, it should automatically uninstall any already installed version of Tiled. Although, my experience with MSI is that this process is rather unreliable and it can break down when you’re switching between 32-bit or 64-bit and maybe also when switching between different target directories. I never know exactly when it messes up or how to avoid those problems. But you can’t generally install two versions of Tiled using the installer, also because I would not know how to allow that AND to still allow upgrading by installing a newer version.

So, if you want to “install” multiple version of Tiled, you need to use the archives instead of the installer for the other versions. On itch.io, the snapshots are available as .zip files.

Perfect, thanks for the information.