Collision code that works with polilines

Hello forum!

In my free time I develop a game 2D code (in AutoIt Script).
I not use classic game engines because I want developing my own engine.
I can build a map with Tiled Map Editor and render the map in the engine.
In the moment I have a dificulty: collision with objects and walls.
I have some codes colision (up, down, left, right and combo of all) and work very well. But it work at tile level.
But I do not have a code to work with inclined object (poliline object, like rise up a ramp).
I think the polilines are for it right? Create irregular obstacles through which the player can walk?
English is not my native language, sometimes I can’t build a precise search in Google.
So… I you know a code (in any language, open source code), can you tell me?

It’s one way to do it. Some games also used pixel masks to look up walkability or hit information.

If you want to implement it yourself you’ll probably want to look into line intersection algorithms to find out whether and where some moving object will be blocked by a polyline.

If you’re looking for actual physics simulation, it will be easier to integrate a physics library like Box2D or Chipmunk2D.

bjorn, thank you for your reply.
I will study your content and coment later.
Best regards, Luigi