Color of tiles?

I’m currently making a dwarf fortress clone and am looking to have each tile have an individual color.

I’m working with a completely white spritesheet and then modifying the colour in engine, I’ve noticed that there’s a properties tool but I only could find a way to add the property for an entire tile, instead of just a cell.

So, I want to be able to set the color of each cell, or an area of cells, which would probably be easier.


you can only set properties per tileset tile. Stamped versions of this tile then all share the same properties. It is possible to use tile objects for giving individual tile instances custom properties, but with those stuff like the fill tool does not work.


How many different colors are you using? I understand that in your game you will want to preserve texture memory by re-using the white shapes, but would be it doable to create multiple pre-colored tilesets for use in Tiled? You could customize the way you load the map to prevent these pre-colored images to be loaded in your game.

Bjorn, like the OP i too need the ability to assign an RGB tint to a given tile; specifically not the tile in the tileset but its instance in the map. Hope that makes sense. How many colors? gotta be RGB 2^(8+8+8). In this case my game, also relies on an ascii based tileset. I know it’s a niche need, but, … i really hope i don’t have to go back to my own editor (and all it’s bugs!) •‿-

I don’t mean to pile on, but putting together my sheet of clouds, I now really wish I could just share one white texture across all clouds and simply tint. IMO this is a must have feature, priorities notwithstanding. Cheers

@Bobjt have you checked out REX Paint? That might be closer to what you need, and it’s format is very simple to integrate with any game engine.

I’m struggling to find out how I can even color the tilemap in a single color?

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Pål, wow REX Paint is beautiful. You cannot paint a tile in Tiled right now (apparently and unfortunately). Thanks for sharing the link!

Glad to hear it :slight_smile:

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