Custom property for specific cells?

I have a tilemap and I want to give some cells a specific value so I can target them in code later on. I have tried to add a custom property to a tileset but that seems to add the same custom property to every tile in that tileset.

Is there a way of doing this?

No, Tiled has no way to assign properties to cells. You can assign custom properties to tiles in a Tileset, but that’ll affect every instance of that tile.

Depending on what exactly you need these custom properties for, other approaches are possible:

  • Cell-sized Objects holding arbitrary custom properties. This is appropriate if only a small number of cells need properties, but the number of different properties is great.
  • Tile layers with special tiles that communicate the meaning. This is appropriate if you don’t have a very large number of different properties/values that need to be assigned, and is most efficient when most cells need some values assigned. You can get more mileage out of a small number of tiles if their exact meaning depends on the exact layer they’re on. For example, a set of tiles might communicate collision shapes on a “collision” layer, but light direction and intensity on a “light” layer.

I personally use the latter approach for my own games, and it’s been more convenient than per-cell properties would’ve been. But, as mentioned above, it really depends on your exact needs.

That’s a shame, would be a really nice feature. But thank you very much for the help!