Create tiles with height?

Just wondering if there’s a good resource to get started making tiles like seen here:

with height to each tile? Thanks!

This functionality is not well supported yet by Tiled. The support will improve once the following pull request is cleaned up, finished and merged:

I currently plan to work on this for Tiled 0.14 (you can see it on the roadmap). When I get around to it depends on how much time the other features take and how much time I can spend on Tiled.

In the meantime you could already try out that branch in asermax’ fork to see if it suits your needs.

Alternatively, I may have understood you wrong and you just meant how to draw such tiles and not how to make such a map. With that I can’t really help you.

That’s what I was wondering about, thanks.

I will be slow moving on this as it’s a personal project so I’ll likely end up coming back to this at a later date, perhaps when that functionality is in place!