Creating a tileset

The tileset that I’m using is not adequate to use for developing a terrain. But I can build what I need using Tiled and my current tileset. After I’m finished building what I need, is it possible to export my data as something that Tiled can read as a tileset? If so, how would I go about doing that?

If you’re talking about exporting Terrain information which you are building, yes you can. In the right-bottom you can export a tileset as TSX (I think) or JSON, which refers to the tileset image file, and stores all your tile properties & terrain information. You can then for example add this file to other projects via the menu using ‘add external tileset’, and load the tsx/json file.

Thank you for the response. I actually found that there is an 'Export as Image." This allowed me to export the map and re-import it as a tileset after I had created data that would be more friendly to terrain building.

That’s a super clever solution for rearranging and combining tilesets without using an external image editing program. I might make use of it myself, thanks for having the idea.