Creating non tilemap game?

I’m half way through my game (spritekit) and I realized I need a level editor to save myself some work.

I’m pretty green with tiled so bear with me. My game isnt tile based. All I really need to do is position a bunch of sprites and get their positions. My sprites are all of various sizes so their position would just be based on their center point.

I’ve tried making a map with 1000 tiles that are each 1x1… but then when i drag some images into my tilesheet pane it splits them into 1x1 chunks. ARGH!

In summary: I just want to drag some sprites onto a blank space, and get their positions. Is tiled a good tool for this? Do I need to create my own solution?

Tiled should do fine for your needs, but don’t set the tile size to 1x1. It’s irrelevant. Just delete the initial tile layer and add an object layer. When adding a tileset, choose “collection of images” so that you can add your images individually later using the “+” button below the Tilesets view. This way it is no problem that your images have different sizes.

Use the Insert Tile tool to place your images on the map. In the saved file the object coordinates will be in pixels. The position is the bottom left of the image though, not the center.

Let us know how it went or when you have more questions!

thanks for the quick response…

im trying to figure out how to add my images to a tileset.

ive created an arbitrary size grid. i delete the initial layer and create an object layer.

then i create a tileset that is a colleciton of images.

i click the + button with my tileset selecte and which creates a new custom property. I dont want to create a custom property… I want to start selecting images to use. what am i doing wrong?

EDIT: okay its the >> button on the tileset pane that adds images