Can I place tiles without snapping to the tile grid?

Like, for example, I have a 20x20 candle sprite, and its flame is animated. 20x20 is also the tile size.
Now, when placing them in the room, I don’t want all candle elements to be exactly perfectly aligned to the 20x20 tile as the original one is, I want some variety. For that, being able to not align to the grid automatically would be super handy, like how it is with objects. How can I do this?

It would be too tiresome to re-align this in aseprite for all the different situations, especially considering it is animated, cuz I would need to realign every frame :confused:

Hey @sky345, welcome!

You can place tiles on object layers using the “Insert Tile” tool. As objects they can be freely positioned. :slight_smile:

Can you place images from tilesets onto object layers? I have libraries of tilesets I’m using, and I want to be able to freely place tiles from them without snapping to the grid.

Yes, that’s the only way to place images into Object Layers: they must be Tile Objects, which use a tile from a tileset.

Ok - I think I figured out why it’s not working - it only stamps one square from the tilesheet. How do you do it with images that are more than one tile on the tilesheet?

A Tile Object can only contain one tile. You can create your tileset such that your larger objects are one tile each, e.g. by setting a larger tile size on an image-based tileset, or using an Image Collection.

Awesome! Thank you :slight_smile: